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We provide you with cutting edge web virtual try-on to boost your sales.

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Three good reason to use a web vt-o for your website

Smooth performance

Great quality for a realistic performance increases selling frames.

Easy integration

Through iFrame technology easy integration into every website.

All devices

Web vt-o can be used on any device.

Web VT-O

Understands your face

Our web vt-o understands your face features and projects the frames into the right place.

Web VT-O

Realistic performance

LooCs supports to change indvidual parts of glasses. It is possible select single elements over the menu and change it in size. This feature helps to realize an accuracy of fit and gives the manufacturer the possibility to over individual glasses.

Easy integration of your frames

Web VT-O

Frame integration

If you have 3D files, the real frame or just pictures, we digitize your assets. Furthermore we create pictures or 3D displays of your frames.

LooC Social Media Filter

Social Media

VT-O filters for you specific need

- Reach the audience you like to reach exactly
- Improve your customer engagement for your product and your brand
- Showcase your product instantly

We customize your filters for


Your frames


Backgrounds for your campaign


We make it feel unique


Music makes it fun


Special effects


Integration of your brand

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