One number more conversion

Inter Pupil Distance measurement is important to drive your online conversion.

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Easy and quick

Integrated in an app it is easy to use and much quicker without looking for a credit card.The measurement is realiby and accurate as regukar systems.


Measurement of face

Face mesh if required


Quick set up

Easy intergration into your sales channel.

IPD Measurement for saling more frames

Accurate Results

Through our … (technology Konrad). we get accurate results which are far better as any web tool.

Easy integration

Integration into your app or as extra app that transmate all the detail data to your website

No Credit Card needed

In times where people get more consious of what they share a lot clients are not comftable with holding their credit card into a camera.


Grinding Height (Einschleifhöhe)

Get also accurate results with measuring the whole face to make a custom fit possible.

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