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Best in class performance

Precise face measurement

Use advanced analytics

Accurate sizes display

Manage how many apps an optician can have

Accurate placement

Govern all your orders in a simple to use interface

Realistic colors

Use advanced analytics

Realistic materials

Manage how many apps an optician can have

Realistic light & reflection

Govern all your orders in a simple to use interface



Customise Glasses

LooCs supports to change indvidual parts of glasses. It is possible select single elements over the menu and change it in size. This feature helps to realize an accuracy of fit and gives the manufacturer the possibility to over individual glasses.


PD Scan & Face Measurement

To support the optician in their work, we over a PD scan as feature. This helps to measure the face and the right placement of the glasses. Following this it will be saved as file and will be linked to the payment. With this it possible to place lenses into the glasses even without physical contact to the customer.


Map Feature

We offer a map feature which displays all optican which sells your glasses. You controll all addresses in the CMS. Additional information can be displayed as well.


Smart Mirror Mode

With this feature it is possible to put the iPad into the shop window. With gesture control you can change glasses and colors. It is also possible to connect the iPad to a bigger screen.

Wide range of features

Frame simulation

Realistic frames

Lens Simulation

Swipe through different options

Material Simulation

Realistic permeable materials

Video recording

Records your session

Picture recording

Share pictures of you

different collection

Menu as an overview for collections

direct content push

Push your frames direct into the apps


Share your frames through links

Vision test

As separate app or as integration

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